Creating a Ledger Periodic Journal

A periodic journal can be created for the purpose of posting the same type of journal on a continuous basis, commonly known as a standard journal.

In this example we will demonstrate how to set up a periodic journal without having to change dates on the retrieved journal every month.

It is important to note that we have started by saving an existing journal, i.e. a journal which has already been captured. It is a journal that the finance department wants to use again and again – to post on a monthly basis for 12 months.

Step 1: Make sure you are in the General Ledger Module.

Select Periodic, and Periodic journals.

Step 2 : Click control “n” to create a new record. Select the journal name you require to be a periodic journal and enter a detailed description. This is the journal name you will be using to retrieve you monthly journal for posting. Once complete, close the form.

Step 3 : Go to General ledger, and under Journals, select General journal.

Step 4 : In the “Show” drop-down list, select Posted journals. Find the journal you wish to save as a periodic journal. Once selected, click “Lines”.

Step 5 : Click the “Periodic journal” button and select “Save journal”.

Step 6 : Select the Periodic journal that you want to save this journal as.
Once done, close the form.

Step 7 : Go back to Periodic journals. Note this only has to be done once. All the following months’ postings of this monthly journal will take place as explained from Step 10.

Step 8 : Find and select the journal (number) you have just saved. Go to “Lines”.

Note the date is 29/02/2012 – This is the date when you posted the original entry.

Step 9 : Change the Unit to months and the Number of units to 1.
The unit is the frequency of this journal i.e. once a month. The system will not process the journal again in that month.
Note this must be done for each line. Please be careful – all lines have to be checked. If set up wrong, the journal will not retrieve correctly.
Be sure to change the date of this periodic journal to the month when you wish to run it next. In this example we want to run our first periodic journal at the end of March.
Once complete, close the form.

Step 10 : Under Journals, select General journal.

Step 11 : Create a new record and click “Lines”.

Step 12 : Click the Periodic journal button, and select Retrieve journal.

Step 13 : Enter the selected date for posting in “To date” – i.e. 31/03/2012.
Enter the selected date for posting in “Empty Date” – i.e. 31/03/2012.
Select the periodic journal you wish to post again.Once done, click OK.

Step 14 : The journal has now been created on the date you requested for posting.
Review lines and change if required.
Note this journal has been created and set up to be posted once a month. The system will not allow another creation of this journal for the same period.
Once this is done, the normal approval and posting process can commence.

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