Hints and Tips when using the Ax OHS Management Tool in Dynamics AX: How will it add value to your organisation?

What can you achieve with it?

There is hardly any company that will publicly admit that its accident statistics are complete. Studies conducted worldwide seem to point to the fact that the safety state of a company appears to be based on incomplete information. “Any statement about the causes of accidents and incidents is therefore based on a small sample of the total number of incidents”. Fatalities seem to be the only incidents counted in a reasonably reliable way. Can one minimise this inherent risk to OHS reporting and operational business decision making?

In this context, the Ax OHS Management tool allows a better understanding and management of the basic causes of OHS incidents and its effects on the peripheral environment or the community at large. It also offers the opportunity for the creation of tools to measure and report on incidents and accidents more accurately. This does not take away the management challenge to ensure the non-failure of systems of work, which is due to substandard acts and working conditions, as well as underlying causes such as individual and work factors.

    1. A simplified application approach, which is:

      a. consistent with industry reporting, and
      b. aimed at the minimisation of workload.
    2. Content which conforms to national and international standards.
    3. Accuracy and Consistency, which implies logical coding,
    readily understood by persons managing the system.
    4. Common vocabulary, i.e. standardisation of terminology.

You can continuously interpret measured results for improvement of performance by:

    1. Ensuring accessibility, i.e. easy to understand and easy to use.
    2. Illustrating situations and trends, nationally and internationally.
    3. Re-aligning objectives, functions, operations, activities and jobs.

Achieve what you wanted to

For generations to come, work to create and maintain a safe and healthy environment for clients, employees, visitors and members of the community.

Where do you start?

First measure the negative and change it into a positive. This is for the next blog.

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