Microsoft Excel vs Microsoft Dynamics AX Stock Management

Challenge: Updating Excel spread sheets with stock data, i.e. item descriptions and quantities and circulating these among people with the request of a dynamic and accurate tally of stock levels and stock descriptions remain a challenge.

Solution: The solution is offered by one system, i.e. the Microsoft Dynamics AX Stock management/Inventory management system. Excel items and quantities dan be imported into this system, which offers the same functionality as Excel, while filling the gaps regarding the accuracy of stock. Not only that, but with the added functionality to version quantities, levels and descriptions of stock.

Exercise: Currently, Stock item descriptions are stored, updated and categorised in Excel. Refer to the red block below showing the different Excel work tabs. These tabs are labelled per stock group, i.e. PPE, CABLE, BOILER MAKER YARD, ELECTRICAL CONTAINER, ELECTRICAL MOTORS, ENGINEERING, PIPING, etc.


These categorised stock groups are captured in AX in the Item groups form. Different Item groups are created exactly as in Excel, i.e. PPE (PPE), CABLE (CABLE), BOILMYARD (Boiler Maker Yard), ELECTCONT (Electrical  Container), ELECMOTOR (Electrical Motors), ENGINEER (Engineering), PIPING (Piping), etc.


The items, as originally captured in Excel work sheets, are categorised per Item group in AX’s Item form. These items are assigned unique Item numbers with an abbreviation of the Item group name to ease identification. The Item descriptions are taken from Excel, neatened up and standardised. In Ax, the unit of measure, minimum and maximum quantity levels and default warehouses can be assigned to each item.

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Since 2008, Hannes has been involved with Microsoft Dynamics AX, in a Trade and Logistics, as well as AX client support capacity. Previous experience includes software tool implementations, aiding codification and value standardisation on Material masters in other ERP environments, mostly within the mining industry.
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