SysDictTable object not initialised: Error


When a user tries to invoice a purchase order that is linked to a Project, the user might receive the following error:

SysDictTable object not initialised.

Stack trace

(S)\Data Dictionary\Tables\SourceDocumentHeader\Methods\getSourceDocumentImplementation – line 5
(S)\Classes\SourceDocumentLineItem\parmSourceDocument – line 8
(S)\Classes\ProjectSourceDocumentLineItemHelper\projTransType – line 21
(S)\Data Dictionary\Tables\ProjectAccountingDistribution\Methods\transactionCurrencySalesAmt – line 31
(S)\Classes\ProjFundingLimitTrackingManager\createProjTransFromProjDist – line 43
(S)\Classes\ProjFundingLimitTrackingManager\updateUsingProjAccountingDistribution – line 45
(S)\Classes\ProjFundingLimitTrackingManager\updateUsingAccDistribution – line 30
(S)\Data Dictionary\Tables\AccountingDistribution\Methods\Update – line 9
(S)\Classes\PurchFormletterParmDataInvoice\updateSourceDocumentLines – line 47
(S)\Classes\PurchFormletterParmDataInvoice\reArrangeUpdateParmLine – line 19
(S)\Classes\PurchFormletterParmData\reArrangeLines – line 152
(S)\Classes\formletterParmData\doReArrange – line 15
(S)\Classes\formletterParmData\reArrange – line 8
(S)\Classes\PurchFormletterParmData\reArrangeServer – line 7
(C)\Classes\PurchFormLetter\reArrange – line 21
(C)\Classes\PurchFormLetter\run – line 11
(C)\Classes\PurchFormLetter\main – line 62

Error Message (03:26:41 pm) Removal of suspension of recId allocation for table VendInvoiceInfoTable has failed.


Download and install hotfix 2909584.


Install and recompile for all class changes to take effect.  Also do a Full CIL compile.  The code is executed within via the CIL.  There is also some upgrade script that need to be executing, so make sure you complete the checklist.



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